69 Punk Style NFTs On Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721A)

Welcome to F1 Stars. This is an exclusive formula one stars NFT collection on Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT represents a pixelated punk style F1 Star created by the artist with unique set of traits representing a real image as seen in the stars gallery. Each F1 Star is uniquely designed thus making it a 1/1 collection. This collection is not affiliated with formula one and FIA.

F1 Stars Sneak Peeks


Q3 2022
F1 Stars Mint

As we are moving closer towards the final stages of the art and development, minting is expected to go live in early Q3 2022.

Q4 2022
F1 Stars Merchandise Launch.
F1 Stars Merchandise Launch

In Q4 2022, F1 Stars Merchandise store will be launched. All holders will be given free merch drops. F1 Stars holders will also be given free future NFT drop of the projects created by "OneNFTX". 

F1 Club
Q1 2023
F1 Stars Exclusive Club
F1 Stars Exclusive Club Membership

For all those who will hold F1 Stars NFTs for more than 6 months will be a part of "F1 Stars Exclusive Club". Club members will have many benefits. Race events, private parties, other perks and much more.

Q2 2023
Metaverse Exploration
Metaverse Exploration

With every passing day there is a lot of development going on in the Metaverse race. We will be exploring more opportunities in this space to keep F1 stars updated with the revolutionary tech. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Key Information

ID Key Info
Mint Date
Mint Price
0.75 ETH For Whitelist Pre Sale. 1 ETH For Public Sale
Token Type
File Hosting
Royalty Fees
Reveal Type
2 Days After Mint
Smart Contract
ERC-721A with extremely low gas fee. Coming Soon


While every F1 Star NFT is unique and 1/1 edition of a particular star, there are some rarer ones due to the formula one world titles and wearables.

How F1 Stars are different from other NFT projects ?

We have focused on pixelated fan art of f1 celebrities which has never been done before in this space. Each NFT is a representation of an F1 star celebrity image as shown in the gallery. This project is designed to benefit believers and long term holders.

Where can I buy an F1 Star NFT?

You can get F1 Star NFT from the initial Mint. If you are unlucky then still you will be able to get it from OpenSea market. OpenSea collection link will be available once the smart contract ERC-721 is created.

Will there be a whitelist ?

Yes. 69 OGs from top 100 OGs will be given whitelist. 1 mint limit for each whitelist.

Will there be a private or public sale ?

There will be a public sale after whitelist pre sale. Also note due to high demand if all NFTs will be minted then there will be no public sale.

What will be the Mint Price?

0.75 ETH for whitelist pre sale and 1 ETH for public sale.

Is there any Mint limit?

For whitelist pre sale 1 NFT per wallet. For public sale NO.

When will F1 Star collection be reveal after Mint?

F1 Stars NFT collection will be revealed on OpenSea 2 days after the Mint. This is to ensure security of the project.

Will there be any F1 Stars DAO and Staking Rewards In Future?

F1 Stars strictly follows the SEC guidelines. For now, there is no plan of F1 Stars DAO and Future Staking.

What will be the royalty charged by the founder ?

10% of the royalties on each secondary sale.

Will there be any community wallet ?

No, there will be no community wallet as this is an NFT collection project. Community wallets are required in DAO projects (Not encouraged by SEC).

Will I get any benefits for holding F1 Stars?

Yes, there will be an "F1 Stars Exclusive Club" in the future where holders will get many benefits. If you hold F1 Stars NFT for more than 6 months then you will become a part of "F1 Stars Exclusive Club".

I lost money while unsuccessful Mint. What shall I do now ?

We are not responsible for any loss of money during the Mint phase.


Any form of trading and investing may result in a loss or profit depending upon the market situation. F1 Stars are not responsible of any form of loss occurred on your investment. Always DYOR before investing
Rarity Count
F1 Stars NFT
Blue Metallic Background (No Championship Title)
Red Metallic Background (Less Than 4 Championships Titles)
Gold Metallic Background (Greater Than 4 Championships Titles)
F1 Stars With Sunglasses
F1 Stars With Caps


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